The best wall toppers for the walls of your house

Everyone knows that Los Angeles has both rich and poor neighborhoods, prestigious and dangerous, expensive and criminal, beach and tourist, and bedroom and national.

Tarzana, Los Angeles, California

Tarzana is an incredibly beautiful suburban town in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles that captures its wonderful views as part of the neighborhood rises from the valley up the slope of the magnificent Santa Monica Mountains. And it was in this area that we did this job and installed the Composite wall topper.

Quick installation

It was probably the fastest and most spontaneous installation of composite wall cladding in the history of our company, which once again proved our professionalism. The customer turned to our experts with a request to install composite wall cladding of large size - 130 sq ft for the minimum time, namely - one day. It was necessary to do it in order to finish the house as soon as possible and bring it in perfect condition, with what our experts coped 100%.


The customer's main preference was "to make everything as quick, neat, and beautiful as possible," and our team did that. In addition to the short timeframe that was given for the execution of this work, there were quite a few gradually emerging nuances that also required immediate solutions. We solved everything and literally the next day the client was admiring the new Composite wall topper.


The customer was looking for a company that would meet his needs and found us, simply by searching in a search engine. He read the positive reviews and left a request on our website. Then our specialists contacted him and sent a sales manager who showed him everything, told him everything, offered a Composite wall topper and told him all its advantages. Immediately after all the details were agreed upon, we immediately got to work to meet the deadline.

Composite materials

Because the composite materials we use have the best qualities, our customers are always satisfied with our work and our products. This product is called a Composite wall topper. Since the homeowner set a certain deadline for installation, which was one day, we had to do it one way or another, and we did. And since it was the idea to make the Composite wall topper as a fake wood wall, we had to make everything so perfect that no screws or other connecting pieces were visible. You can buy this product here!

Profit for the client

The composite we use is much stronger and better than wood or any other material because it withstands any temperature fluctuations and weather conditions. The composite wall topper made of this material looks exactly like wood, it is made in such a way that you cannot tell it from wood, but it is more durable and stable, it does not crack, break or swell. Even despite all the unpleasant nuances that surfaced in the process, we were able to cope with the task and meet the customer's requirements. Moreover, we broke our own records in terms of installation time, because the previous "record" was the installation of 100 sq ft in one day.