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Wall toppers

By adding our wall topper made of composite or aluminum slabs, you will make your fence more stylish and provide more privacy to your area. The system is very easy to install and does not take much time. We will pre-cut the channels and install the toppers onto the base plate using bolts. Increase the security of your home or business by raising the height of your walls. Many customers prefer to install a wall topper on a finished pedestal to save on a new fence and reduce the overall cost of installing a full enclosure. And we will help with this because our toppers are strong enough to become an independent fence solution.

Wall topper created easy with Aluglobus systems you can go with composite boards or aluminium boards super easy system to install with the bolt on base plate And the precut channels makes the job done easy ! Follow our instructions, step-by-step install your fence wall topper You can go with full privacy, no privacy.