Premium materials for enduring durability.

Wholesale Fencing Supplier

Aluglobus Fence, a premier wholesale fencing supplier in the USA, is committed to delivering superior fencing solutions that exceed the norm. Our product line, which includes an extensive range of fences and gates, is manufactured with the highest quality materials to ensure longevity and performance. We pride ourselves on offering fencing solutions that stand the test of time. As the leading fencing supplier in the USA, Aluglobus Fence offers competitive pricing on high-quality fencing and gate solutions, ensuring you get the best value for your investment. Enhance the security and aesthetic of your property with our top-of-the-line fencing products.

Wholesale Fencing Supplier
Qualified Supplier of Wholesale Fences & Gates in the USA


Welcome to Aluglobus Fence, your premier destination for top-quality fencing, gates, and wall cladding solutions. As a leading wholesaler manufacturer, we pride ourselves on crafting smart, durable, and efficient systems engineered to the highest standards. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every product we offer is not only of superior quality but also remarkably affordable. Explore our range today and discover the perfect solution for your needs.

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ALU15 Horizontal (5)

ALU15 Vertical (5)

ALU40 Horizontal (5)

ALU40 Vertical (5)

ALU40+15 Horizontal (5)

ALU60 Horizontal (4)

ALU60 Horizontal Vinyl (4)

Composite Fences (5)

Double Swing Pedestrian Gate (7)

Driveway Gate (7)

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Itemized Fence Parts (20)

Laser Cut Products (9)

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Wall cladding (35)

Wall toppers (13)

Our Company Features

Experience: Family-owned company with over 11 years of experience

Aluminium Products: Offering high-quality aluminium product lines engineered for maximum durability

U.S. Made lines: Many products are proudly made in the USA

Powder Coating: Aluminium products are 100% powder-coated

High-Quality Alloy: Made from high-quality Aluminium 6063

Budget-Friendly: Products to fit any budget

wholesale fence supply
wholesale fence supplies

Market Range: Catering to both contractor and DIY markets

Exclusive Products: Contractors receive exclusive products; DIY enthusiasts are also welcome

Nationwide Shipping: Nationwide shipping available

Structural Gate Frames: Heavy-duty engineered structural gate frames for sliding gates, swing gates, and pedestrian gates

Long Profiles: Profiles available up to 24 feet long to complete any project

Quality Hardware: Supplying the highest quality hardware with a huge variety to choose from

Exclusive Offers for Contractors:
Free Gate Lock Set

Get a free gate lock set on your first order! Our high-quality aluminum gates, fences, and wall cladding kits are perfect for contractors looking for the best in durability and design. Made and powder coated in the USA, our products ensure premium quality at competitive prices. 

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Free Sample Kits for Contractors

Curious about our products? We offer free sample kits for contractors to showcase the superior quality of our 100% aluminum kits. Whether you need sliding gates, double swing gates, or wall toppers, our samples will help you make an informed decision. 

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Special Offer on Fence Kits

Order your first fence kit and receive an exclusive discount. Our fence kits are crafted from the finest aluminum and come with all necessary hardware, ensuring a seamless installation process. 

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wholesale fence

Aluglobus fence is your trusted wholesaler for high-grade aluminum fences, gates, and wall cladding kits. We specialize in exclusive kits for contractors, offering top-quality, 100% American-made and powder-coated aluminum products. From sliding gates to custom wall toppers, we provide the best in durability and design at unbeatable prices. Sign up as a contractor to access our exclusive offers, including free gate lock sets, sample kits, and special discounts on fence kits."

11 years
of experience
satisfied clients
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Aluvinyl T&G Gate

1. Introduction:

 Introducing our innovative mixed Aluminum and heavy-duty vinyl tongue and groove gate, designed for contractors seeking durability and versatility in their projects.

2. Material and Construction:

Crafted with a blend of Aluminum and heavy-duty vinyl, our gate ensures superior strength and weather resistance, making it ideal for various applications.

3. Ease of Use:

With our intelligent system, contractors can effortlessly assemble the gate on their own, thanks to its user-friendly design and precise engineering. Our system offers a range of capabilities and design profiles to cater to diverse project requirements.

4. Versatility:

Available in 24 feet length, our gate provides contractors with the flexibility to tackle any job efficiently. Its diverse design profiles allow for endless customization possibilities, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into any project.

5. Quality Assurance:

Backed by rigorous quality control measures, our gate is built to last, providing contractors with peace of mind knowing they're working with the best materials available.

6. Call to Action:

Experience the difference our mixed Aluminum and heavy-duty vinyl tongue and groove gate can make in your projects. Contact us today to learn more and elevate your construction endeavors.

Discover limitless possibilities with our fully customizable Aluminum Slat Design Fence. Tailor the gaps to your preference, mix profiles effortlessly, and unleash your creativity to craft unique wall designs, topper fences, and combinations of vertical and horizontal layouts. Explore the freedom of expression with our versatile fencing solution.
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Design is customizable, allowing you to personalize your gate to perfectly complement your property. With our DIY-friendly approach, you have the flexibility to either install the gate yourself or rely on our professional contractors for seamless installation. Choose Aluglobus Fence for the ultimate combination of customization, quality, and convenience in gate design and installation.
Itemized Fence Parts

Our Aluminum profiles offer full customization, allowing you to purchase individual parts tailored to your specific project needs. Create your custom job with ease by selecting the precise components required for your unique application.

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Wall cladding
We offer to protect your building from the adverse effects of weather conditions and various irritants that can have a negative impact on the appearance of the house. Everything is very simple - our team will apply an additional layer to the existing one, and your façade will be significantly transformed. We give a second life to any home because our materials are of high quality and aesthetically attractive. We understand the difference between a simple wall panel and cladding, so our service is not for decorative purposes but for protection, style, and durability.
Wall topper
By adding our wall topper made of composite or aluminum slabs, you will make your fence more stylish and provide more privacy to your area. The system is very easy to install and does not take much time. We will pre-cut the channels and install the toppers onto the base plate using bolts. Increase the security of your home or business by raising the height of your walls. Many customers prefer to install a wall topper on a finished pedestal to save on a new fence and reduce the overall cost of installing a full enclosure. And we will help with this because our toppers are strong enough to become an independent fence solution.
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Composite Fencing
Composite fences come in different sizes and designs and are sold for various prices. However, most homeowners can buy them in bulk at discounted prices. These wholesale composite fences are a great way to save money while still getting quality composite barriers from the best composite wholesale fencing distributor in the USA, Aluglobus Fence. Whether you are looking to create a privacy fence or add a decorative touch to your landscape, Wholesale fencing is an excellent option for those looking for a quality fence without breaking the bank.
Wholesale Fences & Gates in LA


Buy fully customizable fence panels Wholesale price save big

Aluglobus your premier wholesaler factory for high-quality aluminium fences and accessories. From backyard retreats to front yard enhancements, and even wall installations, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to meet your project needs. Our catalogue includes fence panels, toppers, gates, and pool equipment covers, all crafted with precision and durability in mind. Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or landscaper, trust Aluglobus to provide the perfect aluminium fencing solution for any application.”

Laser cut design custom made

Crafted from 100% aluminum, our gates offer durability and endless design possibilities, you can choose from a wide range of decorative laser cut design options to create a gate that perfectly complements your property’s style.

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Reputation and good reviews will not earn themselves, some of our customers have been working with us for many years, which proves once again that we really are the best company for the production of wholesale composite fences. Our team considers absolutely all preferences and wishes of our clients to make sure they are satisfied. Our experience will not let you lie that we have improved our service and made it times better in so many years of work.

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