scx | Get the Best Composite Fence and Gate in the USA: A Sample San Fernando Project |

Location of the Fencing Project: San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is a significant hub for commerce, culture, and entertainment. The area where the fencing project was carried out is a residential neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley. Single-family homes make up the majority of the neighborhood, which is also close to the Santa Monica Mountains.

Our San Fernando homeowner had various reasons for wanting to put up a new fence and gate. The old iron gate and fence needed to be replaced because they were in terrible shape. They had accumulated rust over time and cost a lot of money to maintain. Along with enhancing her home’s aesthetic appeal, the homeowner also desired to increase its security.
The customer’s aim for the project was to get a fence and gate that would not rust, be simple to install and take little time or effort to complete. She wanted a fence that would be easy to maintain and enhance her house’s appearance.

The materials used in the project were composite fence, aluminum frame, and concrete. The composite fence is made of a mixture of wood fibers and plastic resin. The aluminum frame is made of high-quality aluminum that is resistant to rust and corrosion. The concrete is used to anchor the poles and reinforce them.

Power tools, safety equipment, and laser measuring were the technologies employed in the project. Laser measurement was used to ensure the posts were positioned correctly. To fix the screws and nuts, power tools are used. The safety equipment is used to protect the workers from injury.

After a consultation with us, we advised that she get a new composite fencing and gate. This is because Composite fences and gates are resistant to rot, decay, and insects. Their installation process is also fast and the panels could be easily fixed.

The first step in the project was to remove the existing old rotting fence. The ground was prepped for the new fence after the old fence was removed. It was compacted and leveled. Then, a trench was dug along the perimeter of the property.

The next step was to install the aluminum posts. The posts were evenly spaced out around the property’s perimeter and then set in concrete. Once the posts were in place, the composite rails were screwed to the posts.

Installing the panels was the last stage. Using screws, the composite material panels were fastened to the rails. The composite gate was then installed in the same after this. It was attached to the composite fencing’s free posts.

The composite fencing project produced excellent results, much to the delight of our San Fernando client. She was able to get a fence that was safe, attractive, and minimal maintenance. She also liked how quick and simple the fence installation was. What's more? She snagged a great deal on the composite fencing parts and gate.

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