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Toluca Lake is a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley.

It is notable for having numerous film and television studios and is located between Burbank and North Hollywood. Developed in the early 1900s, the neighborhood immediately gained popularity as a hangout for Hollywood celebrities and other famous people. With a blend of residential, commercial, and industrial districts, Toluca Lake is a thriving and varied town today.
The customer, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, a new couple living in the Toluca Neighborhood decided to install a composite fence around their property for several reasons. First, they wished to increase the security of their house. The Smiths were worried about the security of their kids and pets because the existing old wood fence was weak and riddled with pests. The Smiths wanted to improve the appearance of their home because the existing fence was unattractive and in need of repair.
The Smiths wanted a fence that was visually appealing as well as practical. They were looking for a fence that would offer security, privacy, and good looks. They also needed a fence that would be simple to maintain.

Taking down the outdated wooden fence was the project’s first step. Given how bad the fence was, this was pretty simple. Once the old fence was removed, our fencing installers had the ground prepared for the new fence. This required leveling the ground and covering it with gravel.

The installation of the posts came next.  Aluminum posts, which are strong and durable, were the choice of our knowledgeable staff. Before attaching the fence panels, the poles were put in concrete with a layer of blocks underneath. The Smiths selected a composite material for the fencing panels after consulting with our staff. This is mostly due to composite fences’ minimal maintenance requirements, ease of upkeep, and high level of durability.

The installation of the gate was the project’s last step. The composite gate had been manufactured to match the fence in color. It was installed on hinges attached to the composite fencing and was secured with an automatic lock.

For the fencing job, we employed an aluminum frame. This strengthened the fencing and shielded the framework from the weather. Aluminum frames are robust and long-lasting, and they are also corrosion- and rust-free.

Composite fences, which were used as the fencing panel material made by combining wood and plastic, and they require little upkeep.

The Smiths’ backyard measured 100 feet by 100 feet. We built a -foot-tall fence that completely enclosed the backyard.
While finishing the project, we ran into a few obstacles. One challenge was that the ground in their backyard was uneven. Because of this, it proved difficult to level the ground before adding the posts. We also had to deal with a lot of rain while working on the project. Working with the fence panels and the concrete became challenging as a result.
The Smiths were delighted with the project's outcomes. They had security, privacy, and a good aesthetic appeal in their garden and backyard because of the new fence. The Smiths also liked how simple and low-maintenance the fence was to maintain. It has also added value to their home.