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History of the Location Kite Hills is a neighborhood in Orange County, California.

It is recognized for its stunning views and closeness to the ocean, and for being located in the Santa Ana Mountains' foothills. The area was built in the 1970s, and a mixture of single-family homes and apartments can be found there.

Sean, a Kite Hills resident, decided to put three pedestrian gates on his property, including one in his backyard, to increase the safety of his family and dogs. He also wanted to provide his family with a more private area to enjoy.

Sean wanted safe, attractive gates that would go with the design of his house. He demanded that the gates be built with durable materials that would last for many years. He also wanted gates that would be simple to use and require little upkeep.

Choosing the appropriate materials for the gate was the first step in the project. Sean decided to use composite material for the gate after consulting with our staff since it is strong, durable and requires no upkeep. The design of the gate came next. Sean took measurements of the entryway and sent them to us. We built three gates within according to his needs using these specifications. Installing the gate was the last step. The following day, our skilled installers went to his house and finished installing the gates within a very short time.
A composite material is one that combines two or more different types of materials. In this instance, wood and plastic were combined to create the composite material for the pedestrian gates. Due to its strength, durability, and ease of maintenance, composite material is a preferred option for gates. It is an excellent material for outside gates at Kite Hills because it is highly resistant to weather damage. The posts for the gates were made with aluminum material. This was to prevent rust while giving the gate a strong frame.

The pedestrian gates are 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

The weather was the only difficulty we encountered while working on the project. The project was supposed to be finished in just two days, however, on the day of installation it rained. The project (the installation) was put back a few hours as a result of this.

By installing the pedestrian gates, Sean raise the value of his house. Additionally, he felt more secure and private, and because his backyard was more private, he could enjoy it more. He claims that he can now leave some of his belongings outside without worrying that someone will have easy access to them.