Project Location: San Gabriel County

San Gabriel, a valley in LA, is known for its vibrant communities and spectacular landscapes. It was founded in October of 1771, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. San Gabriel means St. Gabriel, a name after the archangel Gabriel. Although it is a gorgeous city with lots of rich history and landmark buildings, in recent times, security has become an issue as the population of the residents continues to increase. So having high-quality fencing has become crucial for homeowners.
Aside from enhanced security, our client, Mr. Cummings contacted us for a change of fence but for a handful of reasons. He wanted a fencing that incurs low maintenance and be wood-like.Unlike the popular wooden fences, composite fences are more resistant to decay, insect damage, and rot.

Another reason for composite fencing is because of its visual appeal. “Composite fences have a charm about them,” was how he put it. With several styles, colors, and textures, homeowners can pick any design that complements their personal taste and home.

That said, composite fences are notorious for longevity and durability under any weather. They don’t crack or warp, neither do they fade easily.

Our clients’ preferences come first when delivering a project successfully. During this San Gabriel Valley composite fencing project, we ensured to help out client decide on the specifics of the project – from design, and color, to positioning. Our client wanted a fence that provided more privacy, which was why he went for a composite fence.

The project required six stages for a successful completion. We assessed the client’s needs and priorities. Then we did a property survey to discuss design options, allowing us understand the scope. The six stages include:

  • Initial consultation
  • Design and planning
  • Material selection
  • Preparation
  • Installation
  • Finishing Touches
The fence is made of a combination of vinyl, recycled plastics, and wood flour. This material combination is renowned for resistance to environmental factors and it requires very low maintenance. We also employed state-of-the-art techniques and tools for the best installation.

Composite fencing is a great choice for privacy and security. Not only is it durable, but also eco-friendly. Here are the benefits of the fencing projects to our San Gabriel client:

Low Maintenance: Our client doesn’t have to worry about the hassle of constant maintenance costs.

Durability: The fence is built to withstand various tough San Gabriel weather conditions without compromising looks and quality.

Eco-friendly: Composite fences are made from recycled materials, reducing the use of natural resources and contributing to a sustainable environment.

Increased Property Value: Our client now has a more appealing curb, which increases the value of his property. We were able to complement our client’s home with a composite fencing color that matched his home.

If you’re looking for such top-quality composite fencing, you can purchase this product here!

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