Welcome to Aluglobus Fence, a trusted name among customers. We specialize in supplying high-quality composite fences, gates, and accessories, designed to elevate the aesthetics and security of both residential and commercial properties. Our online store offers a wide range of durable materials combined with modern designs, ensuring our fences are both elegant and long-lasting.

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Free Sample Kits for Contractors

Curious about our products? We offer free sample kits for contractors to showcase the superior quality of our 100% aluminum kits. Whether you need sliding gates, double swing gates, or wall toppers, our samples will help you make an informed decision. 

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Get a free gate lock set on your first order! Our high-quality aluminum gates, fences, and wall cladding kits are perfect for contractors looking for the best in durability and design. Made and powder coated in the USA, our products ensure premium quality at competitive prices. 

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Aluglobus fence is your trusted wholesaler for high-grade aluminum fences, gates, and wall cladding kits. We specialize in exclusive kits for contractors, offering top-quality, 100% American-made and powder-coated aluminum products. From sliding gates to custom wall toppers, we provide the best in durability and design at unbeatable prices. Sign up as a contractor to access our exclusive offers, including free gate lock sets, sample kits, and special discounts on fence kits."

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