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Side Post Cover

Our side post covers are used to decorate the composite fence posts and make a finished look. We produce side post covers from partially recycled aluminum, which is the best solution for those who care about the environment and look for eco-friendly solutions. Their installation is as easy as ABC and requires no special equipment. This is one of the reasons why ALUGLOBUS FENCE products are top-rated among local contractors. In addition, customers praise our itemized aluminum products for their exceptional long-lasting, effortless maintenance, stylish look, and lightweightness.

1 lbs
72 × 1 × 1 in
Frame Color
Natural Aluminum, Black Aluminum


The side cover has a fixed size of 72 inches, which is ideal for our composite fence and gate posts from the same collection. However, they could be easily trimmed if needed, as aluminum is flexible and convenient to work with. In California, there are many hilly areas where posts may have different heights, so the ability to cut the covers is valuable for local contractors. There are two available colors of powdered coating — coal black and natural silver grey. Both will look great together with wood-like composite boards and protect the cover from the negative influence of the environment.

This side cover is made of partially recycled aluminum, similar to other decorative items and fasteners we produce. We choose aluminum, thanks to its numerous benefits. Aluminum has a low melting temperature, so it could be easily re-shaped. It is not prone to corrosion and never rusts, even used in humid areas or near open water. Thanks to powdered coating, we add more durability to it, so without any maintenance, our side covers look new after decades. In addition, the covering layer is sustainable and doesn't fade out in the sun. And finally, our aluminum products are affordable.

Side Post Cover
Actual Aluminum Side Post Cover Size
78″ (Length)
Actual Aluminum Side Post Cover Weight
66 lb.

ALUGLOBUS FENCE is a trusted composite fence and gate manufacturer with qualitative and versatile products, a careful attitude to customers, and cost-effective prices. Our products are eco-friendly, long-lasting, elegant, and modern. In addition to ready-to-go composite fence boards, we offer spare parts for creative designers who want to make a unique fence based on our products or require them for the occasional repair. We primarily focus on local fence contractors and wholesale buyers and will be happy to discuss good discounts on bulk orders.