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Insertion Bracket

Even though we have a limited number of available composite fence boards, our clients can easily trim panels to achieve a unique design. In addition, we have various aluminum rails for decoration. We recommend using our branded brackets to assemble aluminum covers to fence or gate boards, as they are durable, strong, and not prone to corrosion. Thanks to a special coating and qualitative materials, brackets do not rust and are irresistible to moisture. This way, they can be used in a humid climate or near open water. Two screws are included in the package.

Frame Color


Aluminum is a prime material we use for accessories to our fences and gates. It is extremely strong and long-lasting, unlike any other metal. It is flexible, allowing us to make thin but solid fasteners. Aluminum doesn't oxidize in the air, so it never rusts without any specific maintenance. To prevent possible corrosion, we use a qualitative coating. All in all, our aluminum brackets will ideally match the metal decorations and will provide a secure fastening for any fence. Another wonderful benefit is an affordable price we are happy to keep for our beloved customers.

AluGlobusFence, we do our best to create durable and eco-friendly products. Our insertion brackets are partially made of recycled aluminum, so it is a good choice for those who care about the environment as much as we do. After their amazingly long lifespan, they could be recycled too. The initial installation is simple too. An ordinary screwdriver is required to assemble the brackets and covers. It is the most straightforward task for fencing specialists, which makes our aluminum accessories very popular among California's contractors.

Insertion Bracket
Actual Insertion Bracket Size
Actual Insertion Bracket Weight
1.2 oz.

AluGlobusFence is created with contractors in mind. We produce composite fences, gates, posts, and aluminum accessories for fastening and decorating. Together with other items from this category, we have everything needed for professional fence installation. In addition, we keep relatively low prices on durable, qualitative, and cost-effective accessories to help contractors earn more. Moreover, we provide discounts on bulk orders and special programs for wholesale buyers. Our managers will be happy to describe more in a call.