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End Post Kit

Our aluminum end post kit is ideal for finishing any composite fence. The kit includes the post itself, the side railing, and a top cap, while the base plate should be purchased additionally. The minimum amount of tools is required to assemble this end post and attach it to the wood-like boards with aluminum decoration. The installation reminds an easy constructor game, so our products are trendy among local fence contractors. In addition, this end post kit and other aluminum accessories from our itemized section also feature affordable prices and excellent longevity.

Frame Color
Natural Aluminum, Black Aluminum


This end post comes in a single size with a 10-foot height. As aluminum is flexible, it could be easily trimmed if another dimension is required. We offer two available colors of powdered coating — black and natural aluminum. Regardless of the painting, the coatings will ideally match any color of composite fence boards and also prevent corrosion and rust. This way, our posts are incredibly durable and require effortless maintenance. The end-user will need to wash the posts occasionally using the usual dish soap to keep them looking fresh and new.

The end post kit is made of partially recycled aluminum with increased durability and excellent quality. We choose aluminum, as it is a top-rated modern metal popular among fence contractors in California. There are many reasons why. First, it is lightweight, so one person can install the post without assistance. Second, it is irresistible to moisture and so doesn't rust, unlike other metals. In addition, it is eco-friendly, so it is a superior choice for those who care about the environment. And finally, it is affordable and cost-effective, as it lasts for decades.

End Post Kit

The ALUGLOBUS FENCE team produces aluminum accessories for gates and fences for decades. Our products are well-known among California's local compositer fence contractors, as they are created specifically for this region. The weather in California is often humid and hot, so water-irresistible materials are highly required. Our aluminum fence parts, including this end post kit, are durable and irresistible to insects, are not prone to corrosion and rust, and don't fade out in the sun. Moreover, we have affordable prices and special marketing events for wholesale buyers and contractors.