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Composite Fence Board

Our composite fence boards perfectly imitate the wood texture but greatly exceed the long-lasting of timber. Made of partially recycled plastic and wood fibers, they are durable and irresistible to moisture, UV radiation, and insects. Four finishings are available, all with elegant wooden textures: bright cedar, warm aspen brown, stylish charcoal, and modern silver grey. Each item is 72 inches in width and 6.5 inches in height, and they could be easily trimmed to achieve the required size. The boards are included in our fence kits, but we sell them separately for those who want to create a unique design or need spare parts.

10 lbs
72 × 6.5 × .75 in
Frame Color
Aspen Brown, Cedar, Charcoal, Silver Grey


Wood-like composite fences are classy and elegant and provide a high privacy level. Their main advantage is the extreme durability that significantly exceeds the lifespan of wood and vinyl alternatives. Unlike wood, they are irresistible to termites and other insects. Also, they do not rot without special coatings and extraordinary maintenance. Composite fence panels do not fade out in the sun, so they do not require repainting, which minimizes labor costs and efforts. That's why our composite boards are popular among contractors and individual buyers.

Single boards let contractors or wholesale buyers create any fence design they want. Combining them with aluminum accessories and posts, our customers create non, semi, or full-privacy fences with elegant modern designs. They are suitable for residential properties and commercial buildings. The boards are not heavy, so it is a pleasure to work with them. Usually, a team of two specialists is enough to finish the installation of a composite fence. In addition, the owner gets another benefit — effortless maintenance with occasional washing only.

Composite Fence Board

At ALUGLOBUS FENCE, we produce everything required to build a modern, long-lasting, and fashionable enclosing at an affordable price. For those who seek the most straightforward solutions, we have composite fence kits that include boards, aluminum decorations, and a post. For personalized options, we have boards, rails, fasteners, and other accessories sold separately. We create our products with fencing contractors in mind, and we are always happy to provide additional consultations and personal discounts, especially for wholesale buyers.