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Bottom Cover

Our aluminum bottom cover is an ideal way to decorate the composite fence and add more support to it. This particular item is created to finish the bottom side of the wood-like board. At least one bottom cover is required for any fence — to protect the composite panels close to the ground. Aluminum is an incredibly strong material that perfectly strands in moisture weather, is not prone to corrosion or rusting, and so ideally protects the composite panel in the most sensitive place. Although composite fences are durable as they are, this decorative cover will add more longevity to them.

2.25 lbs
72 × .8 × 1.5 in
Frame Color
Natural Aluminum, Black Aluminum


The bottom cover comes as a 72-inch metal rail and can be trimmed easily if another size is required. We offer two types of protective coating — elegant coal black and natural aluminum grey. Both paintings ideally match all the available composite fence boards with a wood-like texture and add a final touch to the fence. In addition to decorative features, the coating helps prevent corrosion and rust. Aluminum is irresistible to moisture, but it becomes even more durable with a coating. Moreover, it doesn't require any special maintenance to keep looking like new.

At ALUGLOBUS FENCE, we choose aluminum as a primary material for accessories, fasteners, and decorations. It is a flexible metal that can be easily shaped, so it helps create unique designs and thin and robust products simultaneously. All submitted aluminum items are popular among fence contractors and end-users, as they are easily installed and require effortless maintenance in the form of occasional washing only. Moreover, it is an excellent solution for those who care about the environment, as we use partially recycled materials for our products.

Bottom Cover
Actual Aluminum Bottom Cover (Rail) Size
1.125″ H x 71.65″ W x .78″ D
Actual Aluminum Bottom Cover (Rail) Weight
2.25 lb

The primary mission of the ALUGLOBUS FENCE team is to create products that help people, making their desired designs come true and offering long-lasting products. With a collection of itemized accessories, we let contractors create unique fences based on our composite boards. Moreover, they can be used as spare parts if a minor repair is required. We keep the lowest possible prices and are open for wholesale buyers, and we often offer additional discounts on bulk orders. Our managers will be happy to discuss the details and provide more information about sales.