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Base Plate

Our base plates provide additional strength to fence posts and help disturb weight uniformly. Made of qualitative and long-lasting aluminum, they are coated to prevent corrosion and rust, as they are installed tightly to the surface and need increased moisture resistance. The width and height of the plate are 5 inches, which is 1 inch more than the gate and fence posts from the same collection, so they do a perfect match. We offer one available color — coal black — suitable for any color composite fence board or decoration.

Frame Color


This base plate and other accessories from AluGlobusFence are made of amazingly durable aluminum and are protected with special anti-corrosion coating. They are irresistible to moisture and insects and won't rust regardless of the weather conditions. The painting doesn't fade out in the sun, so the plate will reliably serve for decades. Moreover, they require no special maintenance except occasional cleansing to remove dirt and debris. Strong, long-lasting, and easy-to-install base plates will ideally strengthen the fence and gate foundation.

Our base plates are popular among local contractors, as in addition to other benefits, their installation is effortless. They should be mounted on the surface and fastened using bolts or screws. There is no need to purchase expensive professional equipment: a screwdriver is the only thing required. Moreover, they are lightweight as anything made of aluminum, so one person is enough for the installation. In addition, this is the most eco-friendly solution in the market as we make plates of partially recycled aluminum, which could be recycled after its long lifespan.

Base Plate
Actual Aluminum Base Plate Size
5″ W x 5″ D
Actual Aluminum Base Plate Weight
1.75 lb.

At AluGlobusFence, we create everything required for the flawless installation of fencing and gates. In addition to ready-to-go fence panel kits, we offer components, accessories, and fasteners. This way, our customers — primarily contractors — can have spare parts or create a brand-new fence based on our boards and accessories. As a family-owned factory, we keep affordable prices to make our customers earn more, providing exceptional and qualitative fencing solutions for any needs. Book a call with us to order base plates or get more information.