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Itemized Composite Fence Parts

Composite fence boards are an excellent solution for straightforward installation. Moreover, we also feature composite fence parts, so private clients, wholesale buyers, or contractors can assemble the fence from scratch. All the products are made of qualitative materials: aluminum with a protective coating and composite made of wood and plastic fibers. In both cases, ALUGLOBUS FENCE guarantees exceptional durability with minimal maintenance.

Composite fence parts 

Our products include wood-like fence boards — horizontal panels that perfectly imitate the timber texture and come in 4 colors. Using them, the client may customize the design and the fence height, while the ready-to-go boards come in standard sizes.

Next, aluminum decoration goes. The narrow rails of either natural or black aluminum are used to finish the fence boards separated from each other in semi-privacy or non-privacy fence design. Also, we have a middle aluminum cover — to decorate gates or fencing regardless of the privacy level. And finally, the base kit is an aluminum square-shaped plate used for the surface mount.

Last but not least, here we have the posts, post caps, and end post kits. ALUGLOBUS FENCE’s posts are made of qualitative aluminum and stand the winds and moisture perfectly. As one of the essential composite fence parts, they and their accessories could be purchased separately for customized projects.

Why people buy composite fence parts from ALUGLOBUS FENCE

The installation doesn’t always go according to plan, so sometimes our customers require additional fence parts after the ones ordered initially. This is when our composite fence parts section saves the day with a wide range of accessories that perfectly match our modern composite fences and gates.

The composite fence parts also may be required for minor repair if something has damaged the fencing or gate. This way, our customers may significantly reduce the repair cost, as they won’t need to replace the whole fence board.

All the composite fence parts are made of qualitative materials. We use high-class aluminum with a professional coating that makes them irresistible to rust and corrosion. The composite fence boards look like classy wood ones, while they are empowered with recycled plastic fibers. They are not prone to mold and rot, do not burn out in the sun, and are water resistant. All of this significantly increases the durability and reduces the efforts on maintenance.