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Composite Gate

In addition to our wood-like collection of fences, ALUGLOBUS FENCE offers customizable composite gates in four colors for both residential and commercial properties. Our composite gate kit could be easily installed without special equipment and doesn’t require further painting or coating. Zero maintenance, stylish look, and highly long-lasting are only a brief description of our gates.

Composite gates by AlyGlobysFence

Our composite gate kit comes as a panel, 72 inches long and 42 inches wide — a standard size for high and full-privacy entrance. Still, the board could be easily customized depending on the client’s requirements. For example, composite driveway gates require at least two panels to provide sufficient width. The gate would be a great match with the composite fences from the same collection, but it also will suit any other type of fencing, regardless of the chosen material. The composite gates consist of wood-like boards that perfectly replicate the timber texture, aluminum decoration, and a latch. Depending on the customer’s wishes, we can equip it with smart locks for contactless closing and opening.

There are four available colors for the wood-like boards and two options for the aluminum decoration. For a more classic look, we offer Aspen Brown and Cedar options — they ideally imitate the fashionable look and feel of the natural wood. For those who look for a modern and elegant style, we recommend Charcoal fake timber with black aluminum decoration. These total-black composite gates will perfectly match the greenery near the lovely private house and look elegant around the commercial property. And finally, we have one more modern color — Silver Grey. It makes a great couple with natural aluminum decoration and is primarily famous among our commercial clients.

Why people choose composite gates at ALUGLOBUS FENCE


Durable, stylish, and versatile composite gates from ALUGLOBUS FENCE are a great alternative to expensive, short-lived timber solutions. Unlike composite, wood gates are prone to rot and mold and get damaged easily in humid climates. There is no need for special coating, regular repainting, and frequent repair to save the composite gate kit from the negative influence of the environment. Our team guarantees that our products last several decades and require minimal maintenance — occasional cleansing without harsh detergents or chemicals.

Moreover, our composite gates are ideal for those who worry about ecology. They include recycled materials and also could be recycled once worn. Due to their excellent long-lasting, the replacement is required once per distinct decade, which makes the frequency of the carbon footprint from recycling low too.

In addition to increased durability compared to wood, the composite gate looks the same as a made of luxury timber. We flawlessly replicate the wooden texture and provide composite gate kit systems that look elegant and high-class and are more cost-effective in the long run.

The composite gate kit comes without the posts but includes everything required for the most straightforward installation. The installation doesn’t require professional tools, so some of our customers do it themselves. Moreover, we provide contractor services at affordable prices and thanks to low labor efforts while installing our composite gates.

How much does a composite gate cost?

We need to know the required size to calculate the total composite gate cost. The single 6-foot-high composite gate kit costs starting from $1100, regardless of the chosen color and decoration. Depending on the project’s difficulty and volume, the price may vary if customization is required. The kit includes a frame for the gate, composite boards, a lock, and miscellaneous hardware. The composite gate posts are purchased separately. Also, we can adjust the board for the existing posts on the client’s property.