Full DIY Fence Kits in Los Angeles, CA

Composite Fence Section Kits

Durable and elegant at the same time, composite fence panels from ALUGLOBUS FENCE unite the best of two worlds. On the one hand, they look similar to classy wood fencing and may have a different design, style, and level of privacy. On the other hand, they include plastic fiber that significantly increases the fence's long-lasting even without special maintenance. In addition, the composite fence kit provides everything required for the simple do-it-yourself installation.

Composite fence panels

Classic or modern composite privacy fence is an excellent choice for those who want to be securely protected from outside glances. Our composite fence boards come in five top-notch styles with different privacy levels. They consist of horizontal stripes imitating timber texture without a tiny gap between them. The fence has a customizable height, from 4 to 6 feet, so these models are suitable for ground installation or may be used as wall toppers. And finally, there are four colors to choose from. Whether it is Aspen Brown, Cedar, Charcoal, or Silver Grey — all the composite wood fencing from ALUGLOBUS FENCE looks classy and unique.


In addition to composite privacy fence panels, we also have semi-privacy and non-privacy models. The first option comes in two variants — with single or multiple openings. The gaps between timber-like stripes let the light pass to the yard, so even a high fence doesn't look massive. At the same time, they are narrow, so nothing that happens behind the horizontal composite fence becomes public.


And finally, the non-privacy model consists of four wood-like stripes with more significant gaps. The openings do not obstruct the view, so the yard will always be full of light. These composite fence boards come in one available height choice — 4 feet. For increased privacy, it could be used as a wall-topper or combined with trees or bushes planted nearby.

All composite fence panels at ALUGLOBUS FENCE are decorated with aluminum which perfectly matches the fake wooden texture. Aluminum stripes come in natural or black colors — depending on the client's choice.

How much does composite fencing cost?

The composite fencing cost depends on several things. As the most expensive item is the material, the more required, the higher the price. The high full-privacy fence costs the most, while the classic or modern style almost doesn't influence the total price. The semi-privacy horizontal composite fence with a 4-feet height is the most affordable option in our shop. Wall-toppers and non-privacy models with a picket design are among the lowest-priced solutions too.

At the same time, the variety of available colors for both the wood-like composite fence panels and aluminum decoration doesn't influence the final cost at all.

Why people choose composite fence boards at ALUGLOBUS FENCE

The attractive price and variety of choices are not the only benefits ALUGLOBUS FENCE products have. Our composite fence boards consist of recycled timber and plastic fibers to create a potent blend with extreme durability. Unlike our modern and qualitative composite, wood fencing is prone to molding, rot, decay, and quickly burning out in the sun. That is why composite fence panels don't require regular maintenance, including repainting and coating them using chemical compounds. Both these factors make the composite wood-like fences the most eco-friendly solution with less environmental impact.

In addition, the perfect combination of classy timber and durable plastic makes composite fence boards last more than a few decades. Thanks to this long lifespan, they are the most cost-effective solution in the market, as they won't require replacement for about 50 years. Moreover, it is one of the most accessible materials to install, so they help save on related labor expenses.