Our products

Modern problems require modern solutions! That is why we decided to create the best and highest quality fences in the world. Moreover, we created not just fences, we created resistance, durability, aesthetics, beauty, and invulnerability in one person. With our fences made of wood and plastic composite materials you will forget about all the questions about the fence for your area.

Advantages of composite fences

Aluglobus fences use extrusion molding technology to produce coextruded wood-polymer composite fence boards, respectively. The polymer layer of WPC evenly and tightly overlaps the extruded core.

Coextrusion molding maintains all the advantages of classic WPC, such as resistance to mold and insect attack, wear resistance, scratch resistance, stain, and weather resistance, and so on. Moreover, some properties have become even better.

Product Features
The first thing worth noting when talking about composite fences is the lowest and lowest operating costs possible, in fact, there are virtually none. By installing such a fence, you will forget about the fact that it needs to be painted and so on.
The second advantage of just such fences is that they do not fade or burn out in the sun. Thus, allowing you to not think about anything, but only enjoy the magnificent new fence.
The third feature is water resistance. Since we use wood-plastic composite material in the manufacture of these fences, which has such an excellent quality, such as high density - our fence planks of WPC do not rot and do not decay even in the most humid climate.
If you know how to work with wood, then you already know how to work with our WPC products, and therefore you know for sure that their installation does not take much time and effort.
Of course, one of the most important advantages is that our fences are completely environmentally friendly. The main component - wood-plastic composite consists of 90 percent recycled materials.
The fifth feature is resistance to infestation. Very often wood fences are subject to termite infestation, so we have designed a fence that is not to the teeth of these terrible pests, as well as other insects.
Although not significant, but still an advantage is the light weight of the fence. Because our fences are made of lightweight materials, respectively, their installation is much easier. Moreover, the lightness does not make it less stable and durable.
You can choose the color of your fence on the website, but it is also possible to create your own exclusive color, thereby making your fence special.
One of the most important advantages - safety and non-toxicity. Fences made of wood-plastic composite materials have absolutely no components in their composition, which could seep into the soil and harm the soil.
A system of fences to meet every need is exactly Aluglobus Fences. What's more, you can choose and customize your own fence design for your site. Hurry up and leave an application and do it now!

Composite Fence design features

Because these fences are a brand new and incredibly high-quality discovery, created by combining different materials, the result is the highest quality, most durable and sturdy composite fence for fencing your property from prying eyes.

Among other things, our fences have an incredibly attractive appearance that provides an aesthetic delight. And to make it even more special and beautiful, you could customize the design and make it as you wish, accordingly based on your needs and desires.

When you submit your request, you can count on a low-maintenance, long-lasting fence with an attractive appearance that will last for decades, that is installed in minutes and makes your site not only beautiful, but also protected.

Resistance of composite fences

Experimental data proves that the abrasion and scratch resistance of coextruded wood-plastic composite boards is more than five times higher than that of first-generation mono-extruded WPC fence boards. Accordingly, the performance features are also different and become more advantageous.

Among other things, the hard outer layer of coextruded recycled plastic and high-density recycled wood fiber effectively resists the penetration of colored liquids and oil containing liquids, making the surface of the board very easy to clean even with a simple damp cloth or even plain water. This outer layer can increase the resistance of your WPC fence to various external factors, thereby ensuring an incredibly long and impressive lifespan for your composite fence.

A super modern Euro style fence

By mixing plastic composite and wood, we got a perfect and incredible fence that, among other things, also looks more modern and elegant compared to other fences from different manufacturers. The core of the fence is made of recycled plastic and high-density recycled wood fiber, which provides greater strength and durability. So, hurry up and leave your request and order your new perfect durable and modern fence!