ClickladTM is an aluminum profile extrusion for high-quality building facades and decora􏰀ve elements. ClickladTM was developed to create a perfect finish that includes the quality of the material for quick installa􏰀on op􏰀on either ver􏰀cal or horizontal. Available in standard lengths and widths for typical cladding styles to suit any architectural style. In addi􏰀on, elements like ligh􏰀ng can be incorporated while maintaining it’s aesthe􏰀c. An architectural applica􏰀on suitable for any public or private building style.


ClickladTM products are made of Aluminum 6063 material and are coated after the T5/T6 processes for maximum reinforcement. It is available in a variety of wood grains and solid colors that vary in surface texture and design to suit your aesthetic appearance. Custom solid colors are available upon request.

Expansion & Contraction

Low Click Rail for low rise buildings and interior walls.

High Click Rail for buildings higher than 3 stories allows you to correct structure deviations and reach a perfect finish.

Framing and constriction building

ClickladTM product can install on each building, A layer of water protection 1 is needed at least below the ClickladTM products in order to prevent unwanted water from penetrating into the structure

Warranty and maintenance

ClickladTM surface no need ant maintenance for any weather conditions and surface its good for over 20 year.

It is always possible to clean the product by running water only if you are interested


To help prevent product damage, ClickladTM products require proper care to and from storage areas during installa􏰀on. When carrying or installing any products, it is recommended that they be moved or carried by at least two people to the standard profile over 10 feet with each support point about 4 feet from the edges and one person holding the center of the profile in a profile with a standard size smaller than 10 feet. Carrying products without proper support can cause excessive bending that can damage the look or finish of the product. See details below


Clicklad product should be stored with the same method of carrying for installa􏰀on or shipping. The product should be on a flat surface and without transferring weight to one of its sides in order to ensure its straightness and avoid any bend.


Tools needed for installation clicklad:

  • Table cuting machine
  • Aluminum cuting blade
  • Butiery drilling driver
  • Measuring type for 25’
  • Beam Level 48”-72”
  • Set screw drive
  • Hacksaw
  • Square long
  • Safety Glasses
  • Stud Finders
  • Drill bit for concrete, iron or wood, exaction cable, ladder in different sizes depending on the type of building you are cladding and its location.



Pre-planning for Clicklad siding:

  • Low Click Rail final distance from the wall atier installation: 1”-1- 3/8”(25mm-34.4mm)
  • High Click Rail final distance from the wall a􏰁er installation: 1 - 7/8” - 2-1/4” (47mm-57mm)

Check list before start installation:

  • Make sure that the structure is ready for installation and allow water to penetrate through the stucco or building wrap and that there are no unwanted tears or fractures.
  • For their profiles with a uniform space between and use a dark back wall.
  • Make sure the connections between windows / doors / roof are sealed and ready for the next step.
  • Carefully plan the dimensions of the profiles in order to make connections in the center of the click rail only (see explanation below).
  • Make sure well before cuting the profiles.
  • Mark a straight line by laser or a long level along the wall you want to install.
  • Drill holes in the click rail for installation on the wall. Holes should be drilled in the click rail every 2ft / 600mm for the installation screw.
    (the holes need to be on the teeth line to allow the rail work perfectly)
  • When installing Clicked products, not all walls will be exactly enough to cover our click cladding , that's why we developed clip c-015 especially for a perfect finish to every clip. All you have to do is see that you have 3 clicks left on the rail then measurement to the end of the wall from the end off the 3 clip and cut along the profile . On the profile have designated points along to help cut the part you don't need, so you can overcome any space left after the installation. If there are less than 3 clicks left on the rail , you must use the smaller c-01 or c-013 clip that suits you best.


Step 1: Make a staight line by laser or a long level along the wall you want to install.
Step 2: Install finish angle if need near the edge of the wall.
Step 3: Install the Low Click Rail by screwing to the wall.
Step 4: Complete installa􏰀on of the remaining Low Click Rail.
Step 5: Install the first clip in the middle and confirm level (Clip come in from up to down).
Step 6: Before clipping the rest, confirm straightness with a spirit level.
Step 7: Clip the remaining profiles to the Low Click Rail.
Step 8: Finished look


Step 1: Mark level on the wall to install the finish angle and Clip Rail.
Step 2: Install the finish angle around the edge of the opening.
Step 3: Install the low Click Rail on both sides by screwing to the wall.
Step 4: Complete the installa􏰀on of the remaining Low Click Rail.

Step 5: Install the first (A) at the right to the Click Rail, then install the dip (B) on the le􏰁 with the angle. Then confirm the straightness with
a spirit level.

Step 6: Clip the remaining profiles in the same manner.
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