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Single horizontal pedestrian gate: practicality, style and safety

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Horizontal pedestrian gates are not just a functional element of the fence, but also an important component of the design of the site.  Single gates, in particular, are often chosen for their convenience and ease of use, they are perfect for small plots.


Advantages of horizontal pedestrian gates:

▶️ Practicality: Single gates are convenient to use and open easily, which is especially important for frequent passage.

▶️ Easy installation: Installing a horizontal gate is easier than installing a swing gate.

▶️ Cost-effective: Generally, single gates are less costly to manufacture and install than swing gates.

▶️ Style: The modern design of horizontal gates fits perfectly with different types of fences, from classic to modern.

▶️ Safety: Properly installed gates provide reliable protection of the territory.


Variety of materials:

Horizontal gates can be made from a variety of materials.

▶️ Metal: Steel gates are durable, strong and affordable. They can be painted in any color and decorative elements can be created.

▶️ Wood: Wooden gates add coziness and naturalness to the site. They require regular maintenance and treatment against moisture.

▶️ Forging: Forged gates are characterized by sophistication and exclusive design.  Their cost is higher than other types of gates.

▶️ Combination:  Combining different materials to create a unique and practical option.


Additional elements:

To increase the functionality and security of horizontal gates can be used:

▶️ Automation: Automatic gates simplify access to the territory and increase security.

▶️ Wicket door: A wicket door is convenient for permanent passage without requiring the gate to be fully opened.

▶️ Lock: A secure lock provides added protection from uninvited guests.

▶️ Decorative Elements:  Grilles, patterns, and hardware give the gate a personalized look.


Choosing a horizontal pedestrian gate:

The following factors should be considered when selecting a single horizontal gate:

▶️ Fence Style: The gate should harmonize with the overall accessibility style of the fence.

▶️ Size of the opening: The width of the opening should be measured and the dimensions of the gate should be taken into account with allowance.

▶️ Material: The choice of material depends on budget and personal preference.

▶️ Functionality: It must be determined whether the gate will be automatic and whether a wicket door is required.


Single horizontal pedestrian gates are the perfect combination of functionality, style and security to turn your plot into a real fortress.

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