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How to maintain aluminum gates? 5 recommendations.

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Maintenance of aluminum gates is an important aspect of maintaining their appearance and longevity. Aluminum is highly resistant to corrosion, but regular maintenance provides additional protection and aesthetic appeal.


Basic maintenance recommendations:

Regular cleaning: A garden hose is recommended to remove dust and dirt from the surface of the gate. If deeper cleaning is required, use a mild detergent and a soft sponge or cloth. This will help avoid scratches and damage.

Avoid high pressure: Using a high-pressure washer can damage the protective coating of the aluminum gate. It is better to opt for gentle cleaning methods to maintain the integrity of the surface.

Prevent corrosion: Although aluminum is resistant to corrosion, metal parts such as hinges and locks need extra protection. Apply an anti-corrosion spray to these elements several times a year to maintain their functionality and appearance.

Scratch Repair: If scratches appear on the surface of the door, it is important to treat them immediately. Use appropriate repair products to prevent further damage and maintain the protective coating.

Check mechanisms: Regularly check the mechanical components of the door, such as hinges, locks and automatic systems. If necessary, lubricate them with special lubricants and call in specialists for preventive maintenance.


Additional tips:

– Cleaning dirt and debris: Keep the area around the gate clean to avoid debris accumulation that can damage the mechanisms or cause corrosion.
– Check electrical components: If the gate has automatic systems, check electrical connections and wires regularly to ensure they are working properly.
– Weather protection: During severe weather conditions such as rain or snow, make sure the gate is properly protected. This will help to avoid damage and maintain functionality.

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