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Forget about fences as a simple security element.

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Innovation is rapidly changing the perception of aluminum fences, turning them into high-tech systems that not only protect but also make life more comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly.

Intelligence in Every Element

  • “Smart” Wickets and Gates: Let guests in without getting up from the couch! Smartphone-controlled automatic systems allow you to open and close the entrance to the territory remotely, customize opening/closing schedules, and integrate with video surveillance systems.
  • Motion Sensor Fencing: Forget about manually turning on lights! Sensors integrated in the fence automatically activate the lights when motion is detected, ensuring safety and comfort at night.

Eco-Friendliness as a Principle

  • Solar Energy: The fence can become a source of clean energy! Integrated solar panels will power your lighting system, gate automation, and other devices, reducing energy costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Recycling and Reuse: Many manufacturers are making a commitment to sustainability by using recycled aluminum in their manufacturing.

Next-Generation Design and Functionality

  • LED Extravaganza: Transform your site with LED lighting integrated into the fence! Change the color and intensity of the lighting to create a unique atmosphere for any occasion.
  • Vertical Gardening: Turn your fence into a living wall! Special modules for vertical gardening, easily mounted on aluminum sections, allow you to create a unique design and improve the ecology of the site.
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