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7 Common Mistakes When Installing an Aluminum Fence

1. Failing to Call 811 Before Digging Post Holes

Before you start digging, ensure you don’t accidentally damage underground utilities such as gas, cable, or phone lines. In Miami, you can contact Sunshine 811 by dialing 811 on your phone. They will mark the ground where utilities are located. Schedule this a week before starting your fence installation.

2. Not Determining the Number of Panels Needed

Before installing aluminum fence posts, calculate the number of panels required for each section of the fence. You may need to cut one or two panels to fit perfectly. Doing this beforehand will prevent issues during the project.

3. Digging with a Shovel

Although using a regular shovel can save money, using an auger tool will provide more precise hole measurements and save physical effort and time. This tool is especially useful if you have numerous holes to dig or if the ground is firm or full of stones and roots.

4. Neglecting to Measure Hole Locations

Accurately measuring where to place your fence posts is crucial. End posts should be positioned as close to the house as possible without touching it, but be mindful of the house’s foundation footer. If necessary, adjust the location to avoid hitting the foundation. Ensure there’s enough space between gate hinges and latches and that posts are correctly spaced.

5. Using the Wrong Concrete Setting Method

Decide whether to damp-set or dry-set your aluminum fence posts. A wet set, where concrete is mixed and poured before inserting the post, provides a stronger anchor. Dry setting, where water is added after the post is placed, is simpler but less secure. Mix concrete for multiple posts simultaneously to save time and effort. Position screw heads toward your home for a neighbor-friendly appearance.

6. Attempting Installation Without Assistance

Although designed for easy installation, setting up an aluminum fence is more manageable with help. Additional hands make it easier to ensure everything is level and aligned, reducing individual workload and preventing mistakes.

7. Not Ensuring the Fence is Level

Having help during installation is beneficial. Setting posts in concrete incorrectly can result in uneven posts and panels. Double-check each post and panel to ensure everything is perfectly vertical for a stable and visually appealing fence.

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