About us

Trusted by numerous customers from California, ALUGLOBUS FENCE is a wholesale manufacturer of top-notch and qualitative composite fences, gates, and accessories. We unite durable materials with fascinating modern designs to create fences that last decades and look elegant and classy near private or commercial properties. We primarily focus on wholesale buyers and contractors but also are open to retail customers and private householders.

The list of products we offer

  • Composite fence panels are available in several model types and numerous colors; all are easy to install and maintain
  • Gates made of composite boards with aluminum decoration, ready to be adjusted for any height and width
  • Fence and gate accessories for partial renovation or for projects that require the additional customization

The reasons why people choose ALUGLOBUS FENCE

Our composite gate and fence panels look like elegant, expensive wood. At the same time, this material stands many times longer. The unique blend of plastic and wood fibers allows us to produce fences that last several decades and don’t require any special maintenance, repainting, or repairing. In addition, installing fence boards and gates doesn’t require professional tools saving on labor efforts, and further maintenance is minimal too.

Qualitative products and attractive prices

ALUGLOBUS FENCE primarily works with wholesale buyers, so we keep reasonable prices and provide bulk discounts. Our products perfectly match the fencing contractors, as we offer everything required to build a new fence. The list of our products includes fence and gate boards, easily customizable for any property. In addition, we sell various accessories, including posts, post caps, separate composite panels, and aluminum decorations, to create an any-purpose fence from scratch.

The benefits of ALUGLOBUS FENCE products

Besides the easy installation and zero maintenance, ALUGLOBUS FENCE products have many other advantages. The composite fence boards are partially made of recycled fibers, so it is the most eco-friendly solution on the market. They could be recycled after their lifespan too, but thanks to their amazing long-lasting, it won’t happen in the next couple of decades. Moreover, our composite boards are exceptionally qualitative, elegant, and cost-effective.

  • Our products are highly qualitative, so we can guarantee that our composite fences and gates will stand in any weather for over a decade. Unlike wood, the composite board is irresistible to moisture, rot, and mold. It doesn’t fade or change its color, looking fresh and new for years. The aluminum decoration is less prone to corrosion and rust than other metals. Moreover, no special maintenance, coating, or repainting is required.
  • The composite boards unite the eternal classic wood-like fence with a stylish and modern design. The panels will suit any private or commercial property thanks to versatile options. We provide several available colors of wood-like boards and two options for decoration to meet all the requirements. Our shop has a few different models, mainly depending on the level of desired privacy. So, there are plenty of variants to choose from.
  • In addition to affordable prices and special bulk discounts, our composite fences are cost-effective. They do not require any maintenance and could easily stand in both humid and hot weather for decades. While the price is higher compared to classic timber fences, the excellent durability of composite fence panels makes them more profitable in the long run. Moreover, the straightforward installation also helps reduce labor costs.
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